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Born in Guanajuato in 1973, a city that inspired her to first get involved with art. At age 16, she arrives to Tijuana, which made a contrast with her traditional and baroque vision.

The passion and commitment to her work as an artist, reflects the ongoing evolution and search of her unique creativity. This is a result of her artistic formation at prestigious workshops, in which she has been part of a creative development in art history, printmaking, painting, art programs, PROPAVIS and, most recently, at the graduate course of Art Therapy in Metaphor at the School of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain.

For the past years, she has managed her own creative workshop for children and teenagers, having as main goal the development of creative and expressive qualities at a young age. She gets reinforced by the work of her students in her ongoing search of her own artistic path, which she resembles in her work, where playing and freedom have a very important role.

Montserrat Sanchez (Art curator)


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